COVID-19 shipping policies and info

Is it possible to ship to [x] country right now, because of COVID-19?

At the moment, the USPS is not delivering mail to the following countries: 


How are you shipping during COVID-19?

I'm arranging order pickups from my doorstep.  As I ship with USPS, this is very easy for me to do! 

I am very lucky to be living in a household where we all work from home, don't go out, and are able to order groceries to our doorstep.  So, please don't worry too much about me!


Can I still arrange for rush shipping with UPS/Fed-Ex/DHL?

No.  The reason for this being that I would actually have to leave the house to ship your order, and as someone especially who lives with at risk parents, I don't want to do that.  If you'd like to arrange for rush shipping via USPS, however, this is still possible.  Please email me first so we can discuss this ahead of time, and so I can make a personal invoice for you!