plushie pre-order faq!

Questions and Answers from the plushie interest check survey!

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at: Thank you!


Shipping Answers:

Do packages have tracking numbers?

Yes!  All packages, regardless of where they will be sent, come with USPS Mail tracking numbers.  They can be tracked using my website, or on USPS’ website here when the time comes!


❖ What will happen if shipping restrictions appear in my country?

If any changes happen with shipping restrictions, I will first notify everyone affected through email, and send out tweets about it as well.  In the event of suddenly being unable to ship to you, I will hold onto your plush for you until restrictions are lifted.  So, please don’t worry!  But, do make sure to check your email.  Please.


❖ Is it possible to ship to [x] country right now, because of COVID?

At the moment, the USPS is not delivering mail to the following countries: 


❖ Are there any customs or import fees?

For customers outside of the USA, please be aware of any customs fees and/or taxes that could apply to you for overseas packages!  I'm shipping from the USA.  It's illegal for me to mark them as gift on the customs form unless . . . they're actually a gift . . .  


❖ I placed an order, but my address has changed!  What do I do?

If your address has changed, please email me with your name, order number, and new address, and I’ll get that sorted for you right away!  (Please do this before orders are sent out!)


I’m interested in buying 3 or more plushies! 

Wow, thank you so much!!  For an order with 3 or more plushies, please be aware that additional shipping costs will apply!  I can only fit 2 plushies per package, so for an order of 3 or more plushies, you will have to pay for extra shipping so I can ship them all!  Sorry for the inconvenience. 


 Interest coming from Hawaii, so I understand if there are extra shipping fees.

Hello from Ohio! :D I did some calculations for you, the cost of shipping from me to Hawaii is the same as other places in the US! $10 for one plush, $14.50 for both. 😊 (I’m not sure if you might have something like customs fees on top of that though!)


 ❖ Can they be sent to Taiwan?

Yes! Cost of shipping to Taiwan is $28 USD for one plush, and $28 for both plush. (same cost)


❖ Would it be possible to get Express Shipping to Australia?

It would be possible, but I personally would not recommend doing it because of how much higher the cost would be for you!  (+$27 more)

For you at the moment, shipping either one or both plush with USPS First-Class Package International Mail is $28 USD.  (You will receive a tracking number with this service!) To ship to you via USPS Priority Mail International would cost $55 USD. The time with Priority would take 6-10 days after shipment, (vs 7-14 with First-Class) but due to COVID delays, it may take longer.

I will add Priority Mail International as a shipping option in my shop before pre-orders, though, in case you or others would still like to do this!  Please note that due to the nature of pre-orders, I'm unable to take rush shipping orders though!


Pre-Order Answers


❖ What form of payment will be used?

Pre-sale reservations will be completed right here on my website, at, via PayPal.  PayPal accepts almost any form of payment, in all currencies, so please do not worry!  

Update (12/4/2020): You can now also pay via Apple and Google Pay, along with major credit cards without going through PayPal!  Complete list available at the bottom of any page on my shop.  PayPal is also still enabled, if you would like to use that instead! 


❖ Do you plan to make more characters if these become really popular?

I have no plans to at the moment, sorry! 😣 Plushie making is a very expensive, very time consuming process with a lot of risk involved.  It really does all depend on how these turn out!   Thank you for your interest!

❖ If I miss the pre-order, will there be a 2nd run, or leftovers?

The only way to 100% guarantee getting a plush, is through pre-ordering, and pre-ordering early.  It’s highly unlikely there will be a 2nd run of these as well.  So, consider them limited edition!  

❖ What happens if the pre-order goal isn’t met?

In the event that we are unable to make the goal by the end of the pre-order period, I will completely refund everyone’s orders.  If you had ordered something else, like a charm or enamel pin with your plushie order, I will rebalance your order of the plushie(s), and the cost of shipping so that you will still receive those items. 

❖ What happens if the pre-order sells out?

In the event that the first pre-order sells out, (200 total plushies?!  What?! ) I will be making a completely separate, 2nd pre-order listing.  This 2nd listing would have a much lower chance of going through, as about 75% of the amount would have to go, in order for it to be viable for me to produce. So, please make sure to pre-order as early as possible, to guarantee your plushie order!

Please understand that I don’t want anyone to not get a plushie.  It’s that making plushies is very, very expensive, and I am but one college student.  But, I’ll do my best!  Let’s all try hard to share the news of the plushies’ release too! 😊

❖ How long will it take to receive the plushies?

The timeline looks like this:

  • Pre-orders will close on November 30th.  As soon as the pre-order goal is met, I will pay for the production of the plushies. 
  • Production timeline is about 1-2 months, due to the amount being produced, (200!) export time to myself, and complexity of the plush. 
  • I’m expecting to receive them in late January, or early February, and work on getting them all shipped out in batches within the same month
  • Due to COVID, I'm organizing package pickups so I don't have to leave the house for the post office.  Because my doorstep is only so big, I'll be sending out batches of about 5 every day. (So I hopefully don't hold up Mr. Postman for too long!) 

If you have ordered additional items, like acrylic charms or enamel pins with your plushie order, those will be shipped all together with your plush.

So, I ask to please be patient with production, and with me!  I am a one person crew.  If you have any questions at any point in the process, however, please send me an email!

❖ Can I cancel my order of plushie(s)?  

No.  All orders are final, cancellations and refunds will not be made, unless the pre-order goal is not met! 

If you decide to chargeback me anyway if the pre-order goal is met, know that the cost of production will start to be shifted over to myself. That is very expensive for me.  Bluntly put: I do not have the thousands of spendable dollars necessary for beginning to cover that.  I am one college student, not a company.  So, don’t!  Please only place an order if you are absolutely sure you want a plushie.


❖ I have a question that wasn't from the survey.

If you have any questions or concerns with your order, please email me, and we will work together to figure it out!